Building Bridges to Disability Support and Services

Exploring the Possibilities of Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a model that empowers individuals with disabilities or mental health challenges to live independently with the necessary support. This blog delves into the advantages of SIL and how it offers individuals the opportunity to achieve autonomy, fulfilment and a sense of belonging.

What is Supported Independent Living?

Supported Independent Living provides tailored support services to individuals with disabilities or mental health challenges, allowing them to live independently while receiving assistance in various areas. SIL programs focus on helping individuals with daily living tasks.

What are the Advantages of Supported Independent Living? 

Promoting Autonomy

SIL is designed to empower individuals to take control of their lives. Through personalised support and skill development, individuals can gain independence in managing daily routines, personal care and household tasks. This includes acquiring skills such as budgeting, meal planning, housekeeping and transportation. By mastering these skills, individuals can make decisions that align with their own goals and aspirations.

Enhancing Social Inclusion

SIL recognises the importance of social connections and community integration for individuals' overall well-being. SIL programs provide support networks, opportunities for social activities and access to community resources. By fostering social interactions and community engagement, individuals can build meaningful relationships, expand their social circles and participate actively in their communities.

Tailored Support

SIL acknowledges that each individual has unique needs and goals. Support plans are personalised to address specific requirements, ensuring that individuals receive assistance in areas that are most relevant to them. This may involve specialised training, therapy services, vocational guidance or educational support. The tailored approach of SIL ensures that individuals have the necessary resources and assistance to succeed in their chosen paths.

Flexible Living Arrangements

SIL offers a range of living options to accommodate individual preferences and circumstances. This flexibility allows individuals to choose the living arrangement that best suits their lifestyle and the level of support required. Options include shared housing with peers, living alone in an apartment or cohabiting with a partner or friend. By offering diverse living arrangements, SIL ensures that individuals have the freedom to create a living environment that aligns with their needs and preferences.


Supported Independent Living opens up possibilities for individuals with disabilities or mental health challenges to live autonomously and fulfil their aspirations. By promoting autonomy, enhancing social inclusion, providing tailored support and offering flexible living arrangements, SIL empowers individuals to lead fulfilling lives. Contact a local provider to find out more.